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Greg Moss - Creator of Mastering Odoo Development

  • 30 years experience in ERP integration and customization

  • Creator of over 200 Odoo courses

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  • Author of best selling Odoo book on Amazon "Working With Odoo"

  • Over 10,000 Courses Sold in 150 countries

If you are serious about learning how to create custom applications in Odoo, Mastering Odoo Development has helped more than 10,000 Odoo Developers learn to build custom Odoo applications.  

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Understanding the Odoo Framework
Odoo Developer Bootcamp: Module One

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Master the Odoo Framework

Mastering Odoo Development begins with an essential module that cements your understanding of the Odoo framework.  Greg has over 30 years experience in ERP integration and customization. His proven, well-paced training, makes learning the Odoo framework practically effortless. 

Before even writing any code, you learn how to create models, actions, menus and views. 

If you are an Odoo Integrator, learning how the Odoo Framework fits together will help you identify gaps and create smart well-designed solutions to practically any customization requirement.

The Odoo Developer Bootcamp contains all the essential courses to Master the Odoo Framework and begin creating custom Odoo Applications in now time.

Greg's Expert Odoo Training:

I'm sure if you are reading this you maybe curious how you can build applications quickly and easily simply by having a better understanding of the Odoo framework.

Take a moment to watch some of my free video training and see for yourself why they are some of the most easy to understand Odoo training videos you will find anywhere.

In the full course I go into great length on how to create applications with the Odoo Framework, but you can check out this FREE lecture on Youtube that will help you get started.

REMEMBER! With Mastering Odoo Development, you get direct access to me and my workshops to help you with your specific Odoo customization challenges! 


Create a Best-In-Class Development Environment

Odoo Developer Bootcamp: Module Two

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Best-in-Class Development Tools

One of the most frustrating things a developer will face is setting up a smooth development workflow. In the case of Odoo this is particularly important as most changes require server restarts and even browser refreshes. 

With Mastering Odoo Development you will never be stuck trying to figure out how to setup a development environment that works for you.

PRO TIP: Creating an efficient development workflow is essential if you plan on doing any serious Odoo customization.

Proven Training | Proven Results

My very first developer video was for OpenERP 6 & 7 before Odoo was even called Odoo!

With each new edition, I found ways to improve and include more value in my training. Feedback from my many clients and more than 30 years experience in ERP systems I knew that people needed to have developer training that would teach them to create real-world solutions.

Mastering Odoo Development provides you everything you need to become an expert Odoo Developer in Record Time!

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I've been creating Odoo Courses since OpenERP 6!

Best-in-Class Server Setup & Administration

Odoo Developer Bootcamp: Module Three

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The Ubuntu Bootcamp

Soon after working with my initial batch of Odoo Developers it became clear many struggled with Ubuntu. Some came from Microsoft backgrounds. Others knew some Linux.  But with little Odoo documentation, setup and configuration of an Odoo server remained a challenge.

Soon after releasing Mastering Odoo Development 10, the Ubuntu Bootcamp training was integrated into the full Mastering Odoo Development course.

PRO TIP: While it is possible to run Odoo on a Mac or Windows Os,  Ubuntu offers the best options for performance.

Expert Odoo Installations

I'm not exaggerating when I say that I've been involved with literally thousands of Odoo installations. Almost 10 years of near daily projects on Odoo and it really adds up.  

Want to get started now? I've got a great FREE Odoo Installation guide that walks you through the entire process! Just watch the video! 

This module is included in the Odoo Developer Bootcamp .


Building Custom Applications with Odoo

Odoo Developer Bootcamp: Module Four

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Building Custom Applications

One of the primary core modules of the training, here you learn from the ground up how to build custom Odoo Applications.

Even if you have never used Python before, my carefully paced training will have you building custom Odoo applications in no time!

When you get stuck, my live workshops will help you solve any development problem you maybe facing.

Get Started Today!

I want to prove to you that you will find my training and approach to teaching Odoo the very best you will find anywhere!

Get started building your very first Odoo application quickly and easily using Odoo Studio! This is a great way for you to learn the Odoo framework and begin understanding about models, views and actions! 

I'm very happy to provide these free tutorials that can help people uncover the power of Odoo! 

My Developer Coaching & Training is designed to help you quickly sprint past where you get stuck! 

This is the fourth and final modules of the Odoo Developer Bootcamp. At this point you will have an understanding of the core Odoo Framework and be well on your way to learning how to build Odoo Applications.


Advanced Odoo Customization
Odoo Developer Professional Edition:  Module Five

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Advanced Odoo Development

In this module we dive deeper into advanced Odoo customization topics.  We learn how to over-ride the standard ORM mechanisms, important design patterns, security and create more complex kanban and graph views.

Using real-world solutions and practical case studies makes this a must have core module for any serious Odoo developer.

Simply the Best Odoo Training

Greg has long established himself as an expert ERP Integrator and Business Application Developer long before Odoo or OpenERP was even created. With over 30 years experience in transforming businesses with technology, you won't find any better Odoo training.

This module is included in Odoo Developer Professional. 

Get this module when you have completed Odoo Developer Bootcamp are ready to take your Odoo Skills to the Next Level!

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Custom Reports & Wizards

Odoo Developer Professional Edition: Module Six

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Custom Odoo Reports

Once you are comfortable with building basic Odoo applications you will wish to learn how to create and modify reports.  In this module you learn about the qweb reporting tool and the various options you have for creating reports in Odoo.

This is a very important module and one in which we spend a lot of time in workshops helping people design custom reports to meet their specifications!

The All Powerful Wizard!

Wizards are the primary mechanism for collecting information from users before or as they are performing actions. Building on the previous modules we begin to really leverage the awesome power of the Odoo framework to build more complex applications.

Want to learn a bit more about creating a custom report? I have a simple free video that will help you get started. 


Advanced Odoo Application  Architecture

Odoo Developer Professional: Module Seven

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Level Up Your Developer Game

In this module we deep dive into the core libraries making up the Odoo framework. While previous modules were focused on framework utilization, this module we level up our skills be understanding the architecture of the Odoo framework along with the key applications you typically work with as a developer.

This module is particularly valuable for those integrating and customizing Odoo applications such as Sales, Inventory, MRP, or Accounting. 

Building on what we have learned, this module is focused on transferring from theoretical custom applications to building real world Odoo solutions.

Business Transformation with Custom Odoo Applications

In this module we explore the architecture and workflows of the major Odoo applications from a developer perspective. This includes the models, views, actions and menus that create the core functionality of the application. Then we use a real-world customization requirement to demonstrate how the application can be easily extended.

At the end of the course you will have MASTERED the Odoo framework from top to bottom. You will be comfortable extending real-world applications in ways you never imagined.  Trust me when I say that this module can save you hundreds or even thousands of hours when building custom Odoo applications.

Note: This is currently presented as a set of live lectures. 

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Web Development & Theme Mastery

Odoo Developer Professional Edition: Module Eight

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Customize Odoo Websites

Build eye catching websites with Odoo 14's new OWL framework. For advanced Odoo Developers, this module teaches you how to modify and customize Odoo themes to get the exact look you require.

One of the biggest improvements in Odoo 14 is the front-end web framework. Re-built from the ground up, there has never been a better time to lean Odoo Website Development.

Advanced Web Development

Over the last 30 years Greg has built and deployed literally hundreds of dynamic, data-centric websites. In this module you will learn how to create advanced widgets, 

* Given the complexity of this topic, some components in this module are delivered via live workshop content.


Migration Toolkit: API & ORM Mastery

Odoo Developer Mastermind Edition: Module Nine

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NEW! Odoo Migration Toolkit  

We have always included API training as part of our Mastering Odoo Development series.  Now we have turned this training into a complete toolkit with everything you will need to migrate or integrate Odoo with other systems.  

During this core module you will learn some of the most important tools that will help you construct enterprise level systems.

In this module that is brand new in 2021 Mastering Odoo Development, we deep dive into what it takes to integrate and make Odoo work with other systems.  

This is more than just Odoo training. In this module we help you put together a migration toolkit that leverages the most important Odoo tools  you will require if you are to successfully migrate and integrate Odoo with other systems. Even better, you will have access to expert developer coaching and support when it is time for you to build out your system.

Unlimited Options with Odoo

When do you need the migration toolkit?

  • When it is time for you to integrate Odoo with other systems.

  • When it is time for you to migrate from one version of Odoo to another version of Odoo.

  • When you wish to migrate from another ERP system into Odoo. 

Learn a little bit about just one way you can integrate using Odoo's REST API.


Mobile Toolkit for Odoo
Odoo Developer Mastermind Edition: Module Ten


Native Odoo Mobile Applications

Another major new addition to the Mastering Odoo Development course is the Odoo Mobile Toolkit (formally the Odoo Enterprise Toolkit).  Build native Odoo Applications in record-time. 

More and more we simply can't expect people to sit at their desks to work. Phones offer a great utility (camera, phone, text, GPS, voice recognition, etc) that make them great for countless business processes. Now you can quickly and easily integrate Odoo into REAL native applications!


Complete Odoo Mastery

Taken altogether, Mastering Odoo Development provides you all of the components you need to become an expert Odoo Developer.  Years and years of refined training will shave hundreds of hours off your learning curve. Direct access to developer coaching and assistance means you never have to be stuck looking for answers. 

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Odoo AI Integration Workshop
Odoo Developer Mastermind Edition: Module Eleven

Build AI Enabled Applications

The AI Integration for Odoo course module is a comprehensive guide for developers looking to integrate AI tools into their Odoo applications. This module provides a custom module for integrating Odoo with ChatGPT, a leading language model developed by OpenAI.

The module is designed to help developers understand the capabilities of ChatGPT and how to use it to generate content, automate tasks, and enhance their Odoo applications.

Futureproof Your Skills!

The module also includes lectures on how to use AI tools for content generation and development, helping developers understand how to apply these tools to their projects. The course covers the basics of AI and deep learning, and provides hands-on tutorials and examples to help developers get up and running quickly.

The course is designed for developers with a basic understanding of programming and Odoo, but no prior experience with AI is required. The AI Integration for Odoo course module is a valuable resource for developers looking to stay ahead of the curve in their AI and Odoo development skills.

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Odoo Developer Mastermind Only

Bonus Courses: Supercharge your Odoo Developer Experience

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Odoo Tycoon Master Class

A self-contained and fun way to learn how to build applications using the Odoo Framework.  

Post and report transactions in the game using the accounting & finance models. Learn how to create and post journal entries. Great for all serious Odoo Developers who wish to better learn the Odoo Framework and build accounting applications.

Python Idle Tycoon

This course is designed for those who want to soar past basics and get right into real world Python coding record time. There are plenty of courses with 10,20, or 30 hours of boring lectures.

I purchased these other courses and they have their place, but I wanted to make a FUN exciting course in which you learn Python AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!

So in this this course you will be working with classes and objects within the first hour. Before you know it will you have tied in a GUI (Graphical User Interface) using the Tkinter library. AND in less than 6 hours you will have the prototype for a working IDLE game!

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Python Pirate Trader

Mastering Odoo Development is a self contained course on customizing Odoo. To better build your Python skills I'm including my best-selling Python training courses absolutely FREE when you purchase Mastering Odoo Development.

Like all of my courses, great care has been taken to perfectly pace the learning and focus on the important features of the language you will be using frequently.  

Best of all, when you get stuck or have any problems you can jump on the live workshops and get your questions answered fast.


Purchase today and have lifetime support & upgrades for your development projects!