Installing Odoo 14 on Ubuntu 20.04

Download the Installation Guide. In this eBook, you will get step by step instructions on how to install Odoo 14 on an Ubuntu server. This server could be hosted in the cloud or locally.  It is highly recommended that you use Ubuntu for your Odoo installations. While you can install Odoo on Windows or Mac, there are several limitations. For one, you won’t be able to use multiple threads or workers. This severely limits you. 


Configuring a Virtual Environment

This installation will use a virtual environment for the Odoo installation. This helps avoid conflicts with other services and other Odoo versions you may wish to install on the server.

Troubleshooting Odoo installations

If you get stuck or have problems, make sure you have installed all the pre-requisites. Also, make sure you are in the right user account for each given step in the process and that you have the virtual environment activated when it is needed. This becomes clear when you follow my steps in order.  

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